Space Kiwi

Blue Rainbows!


Moon Men have begun an invasion of Earth! Take flight with the Space Kiwi to brave the land, sea, skies, and beyond to save the planet. Zoom from Earth to the Moon in the Space Kiwi’s space adventure. Tilt to navigate the Space Kiwi through obstacles, and tap at the screen to shoot enemies in their tracks.


Six grand zones the Space Kiwi has to brave before defeating the moon men for good.
A total of 60 Levels to beat before the Space Kiwi’s quest is complete.
An arcade-style experience, adding greater challenge as you progress.
28 different types of monster to outwit on your way to the moon.
Collect coins and defeat baddies to earn high scores, and higher ratings on levels.
An epic soundtrack to get your heart racing on this thrilling journey through space!

Space Kiwi is ORRO’s first project available on the app store! It’s available to play for free, or for 99 cents if you would like to buy the full version.

So far, the game’s been acclaimed for its animated artwork, visuals, and music.

It’s arcade style fun that’s accessible and attractive to all types of players!

Rocket Range Zone

Morbid Moon Zone

Stardust Sea Zone

Cotton Clouds Zone

Color Cosmos Zone

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2 responses to “Space Kiwi

  1. Alex Fabry

    Yo, Space Kiwi is awesome!

  2. Will Spiro

    Space Kiwi is my new favorite game!!! So much fun!

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