Be on the lookout for Space Kiwi! Space Kiwi and Orro will be featured at a booth at Appnation NYC 2012!

We’re pretty psyched to get to meet some of the big wigs in app-ing.

App-ing’s a verb of course.

Space Kiwi on BOLDFACERS!

Very cool article written about Space Kiwi! Very exciting stuff.

Read it up!

Space Kiwi Party!

There’s going to be a Space Kiwi party at the Boy’s and Girl’s club in Newton, Massachusetts! If any Space Kiwi fans are in the area, make sure you make your way there! There’s going to be free t-shirts, prizes, pizza, and toe-tapping fun. So, it’s lots t’be excited about.

Space Kiwi’s Going Great!

Space Kiwi on the App Store!

It’s doing great so far! Also, there’s a nifty little review of the game courtesy of

Lastly, there are Space Kiwi T-shirts if anybody would be interested in one.

Just a short update explaining the current Space Kiwi situation.

Space Kiwi at 11!

Space Kiwi was on local news today! It was very exciting!

Also, the game will be launching at 11 o’clock, tonight!

Naturally, we’re ecstatic!